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Power Outage: “Public Safety Power Shutoff”

If you don’t think it can happen to you, or you want to know the odds, start here. There are links to the maps the Utility is using to determine which lines to shut off during fire season.

Solar Suitable: Attic Parkour Edition

Last month I met site surveyor, Mark, at a client’s house for the site survey. SunStor Solar had put together a system proposal for the homeowners a couple of days earlier, and I was anxious to confirm their roof was suitable for solar. One of the reasons for my concern was that some other solar […]

Site Survey — Avoid Solar Surprises

As good as today’s solar design tools are, they’re no substitute for getting a site survey up close. The solar industry invented many semi-automated computer programs that start with your address and your geographical location. Using satellite photos, data from your Utility, historical weather patterns, and local solar production data, we can calculate the system […]

“How Many Solar Panels?”

— Might Be the Wrong Question There are many reasons why counting solar modules/panels doesn’t work very well as a tool for comparing one residential solar-electric system to another.  Whether evaluating an existing system or a proposed new one, the primary consideration is its electric production in kWhs.  How many solar modules are there is […]

Welcome Homeowners, Buyers and Real Estate Pros, to Solar!

Solar With Sandra This is Solar With Sandra, my new blogsite to give some solar help to real estate professionals, including agents, appraisers, loan officers, escrow and title.  Solar Homebuyers and sellers, or anyone interested in the practical side of electric generation using rooftop solar, can find help, here, too. I’m new to blogging on […]

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