High Voltage electric transmission tower above, solar panels reflect the Sun, below
See the solar panels in this picture? (Hidden Lakes Park, Martinez, CA)

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PSPS Public Safety Power Shutoff

  • High voltage electric transmission towerPower Near Me
    At last night’s PG&E “PSPS” Open […]
  • How long will the blackout last?
    Why are we certain to be measuring blackouts in days? And how will we get through it? Preparation is the best way to prevent riots and other dangers. No matter how long a blackout lasts, there are things that will help us all get through it. […]
  • Power Failure: The Adventure
    Looting, auto-burglaries, package thieves, assaults, and mischief: things that can go wrong during a multi-day power outage or failure. Whether planned to prevent wildfires by the Utility, or unplanned by earthquake, darkness and melting ice cream could be the least of your problems. Civil unrest is also a possibility. Imagine it, to survive it without violence or drama. […]
  • Power outage would affect transmission lines through Briones Reservoir, seen along hilltops in Martinez, CA..Power Outage: “Public Safety Power Shutoff”
    If you don't think it can happen to you, or you want to know the odds, start here. There are links to the maps the Utility is using to determine which lines to shut off during fire season. […]
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